Dear all,

Today, v4.24.0 of the OpenStreetMap Carto stylesheet (the default
stylesheet on the OSM website) has been released. Once changes are deployed
on the it will take couple of days before all tiles
show the new rendering.

Changes include:

- Create darker river-color for river & canal areas and waterway lines (#3930)

The color of river, canal, ditch and drain waterway lines
and river and canal areas is changed to #8fcadd (Lch78,21,227)

- Fix rendering of water body labels (#3919)

Restores rendering of water body labels on points (node features)
Fixes rendering of natural=bay to use italic font at all z levels
Cleans up duplicate natural=strait code in water.mss

- Precedence of junctions over POIs (#3915)

Junction=yes, =motorway and man_made=bridge labels now render before
This prevents icons from blocking the display of these text labels

- Remove rendering of waterway=wadi (#3931)

The tag waterway=wadi is deprecated, suggested replacement:
waterway=river/stream + intermittent=yes OR natural=valley

- Move parking to amenity-points layers, change way_pixels limit and
initial zoom level (#3923)

Moved parking features back to amenity-points layers
Changed parking text intial zoom to z14, as planned in PR #3612
Change way_pixels limit for parking icon (750) and text (3000)

- Don't use classes anymore (#3912)
- Convert state & country layers to ST_PointOnSurface (#3920)
- Convert addresses to use ST_PointOnSurface (#3898)
- Apply bbox to part of "addresses" query (#3942)

The 4 changes above are needed to allow use of vector tiles
ST_PointOnSurface is used to generate a point for labeling
Classes are removed, replaced with the layer id

- Documentation updates (#3911) & (#3910), Code clean-up (#3899) & (#3922)

Document inner line rendering, update docker documentation
Clean-up text-placement / marker-placement, remove natural=marsh

Thanks to all the contributors for this release, including Adrian
Piotrowicz (@nexces), a new contributor.

For a full list of commits, see

As always, we welcome any bug reports at

We would love to have new contributors who might be interested in
solving some of the
many open issues.

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