I help maintain geo things in pkgsrc, a multi-OS multi-cpu portable
packaging system.  We are struggling with programs still using qt4, and
we currently have an old (0.17) version of merkaator.

Looking at the http://www.merkaartor.be/, I see a release in 2016, and
the last mailinglist message was in November of 2017.

So I am contemplating whether merkaator should be updated in pkgsrc, or
dropped.  Questions:

  Is 0.18.3 really the most recent release?

  Is there any reason to think a new release will be forthcoming?

  Is Merkaator a reasonable choice for OSM editing, it terms of working
  with current APIs and preset notions?

  Is there any reason why someone would choose to use merkaator rather
  than josm (other than wanting to use it on a platform where Java is
  Anything else I should be asking?

Greg (OSM user gdt)

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