Am 25.01.2020 um 22:19 schrieb marc marc:
> Le 25.01.20 à 21:43, Simon Poole a écrit :
>> Am 25.01.2020 um 21:12 schrieb marc marc:
>>> is there a convenient way to update a pbf to exactly the same diff as
>>> and/or add the state.txt of the pbf produced on
>>> this would allow to have the same pbf mirrored on other sites without
>>> having to download and/or encode the same thing several times
>> The answer is likely no, because I don't believe there is a guarantee
>> that the planet dump contains exactly the commits of a certain set of
>> diffs,
> the planet dump is done from the db itselft and not using by a cascade
> of diffs (min->hourly>daily>weekly) ?
> or maybe a special diff between planet dump.

Yes the dump works via a completely different mechanism.

The problem is actually fixable (not expecting a lot of enthusiasm for
it though), we could post creating the dump run an update from a
specific diff prior to when the dump started on the dump before
publishing. Doing this wouldn't guarantee that the binaries of a
parallel updated planet file are the same, but they would have the same

>> But that doesn't matter in a practical sense
> it avoids having different files between mirrors, which is quite
> annoying if a bug occurs on one variant and not on another depending
> on the "mirror".
See above.
>> In any case there is no argument to be made for the ~1'000 downloads 
>> that start shortly every week after the plant dump has been produced, 
> I agree.
> maybe a rate limit "1st full speed" or "full speed for mirror"

AFAIK that is already the case.


>> and of which for weird reasons 25% are actually
>> downloading the compressed XML file (which is 30% larger).
> there are probably some tools that don't support pbf (for example
> osmfilter (I don't mind too much, I do an osmconvert before, but I guess
> this extra step is not done and/or not available and/or not known by
> other people).
>> Simon
>>> Le 25.01.20 à 18:34, marc tobias a écrit :
>>>> Wolfram, who asked about the bandwidth, is already running a mirror
>>>> (listed on
>>>> so downloading it every week is likely trying to update his mirror.
>>>> marc tobias
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>>>>> Subject: Re: [OSM-dev] is verry slow
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>>>>> Yes, there are now bandwidth restrictions on connections to
>>>>> because the usage had skyrocketed and outgoing
>>>>> bandwidth was completely saturated.
>>>>> But the obvious question is: why are you even trying to download the
>>>>> full planet twice within a fortnight? Particularly given the file can
>>>>> easily be updated in situ.
>>>>> Simon
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