On 11/19/20 20:41, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> * why i as a pure hobby OSM contributor with experience in the field of 
> development should volunteer my time to manage the paid development work of 
> others on my own unpaid time.

You make it sound like this was something new, but the OSMF which
largely consists of unpaid hobbyists is already managing paid
contributions in various forms.

That doesn't make your point an invalid one - from the very first time
the OSMF was paying for development this question was on everyone's
mind, and many other Open Source projects who use bounties or Summer of
Code or other means of compensating developers in addition to attracting
volunteer contributions are faced with the same problem.

Speaking as a member of an existing OSM working group, the DWG, I can
say that I could imagine a couple of projects where I would like to put
some of my DWG volunteer time into managing paid development work that
would in the end make my life in the DWG easier, and it would not
diminish my DWG engagement at all - on the contrary, probably.

So yes, if not handled well then using money to pay for stuff can be a
turn-off, but it certainly doesn't have to be!

> * how i as someone with a business or professional career interest in the OSM 
> context would be able to contribute to this work without universally having a 
> massive conflict of interest with every decision of substance that is being 
> made.

That remains to be seen. Obviously we wouldn't want someone to bring in
their spouse and kids, or even their friends, as contractors. Then
again, "I have worked with this guy in the past and I am confident he
can do what we need here" could be a very valuable piece of information.
As always, the thing about conflicts of interest is that they need to be
properly declared and managed (instead of covering everything in sticky
"we all want the best for OSM so where's the conflict" sauce), but if
that is done well then they can be handled.


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