Without at least some guidance from the board on purpose and scope I see a real danger of this turning in to yet another iteration of "lets make a top ten list of stuff that might attract devs" with more money, aka not just GSOC, thrown in as the sole change. With the boring stuff that "actually needs to be done" (tm), being ignored. it isn't as if we don't have the experience of numerous failed EWG reboots.


- the data privacy related work that needs on the API, the website and data distribution, this is probably the best defined and scoped work that has ever existed in the history of OSM, still it has made zero progress over the last three years,

- putting a system in place to manage third party sources, permissions to use them and provide attribution in a scaleable fashion (realistically just providing the mechanics for this wont be enough, as the clean up itself has to be organized and that could easily require multiple man years of clerical work).

I'm sure there are other similar items from operations and communications that are simply never going to make any kind of list without the EWG actually being made -responsible- for clearly defined outcomes instead of a lot of hand waving that will simply gyrate to projects that result in the largest amount of back patting (iD etc).


Am 19.11.2020 um 17:09 schrieb Paul Norman via dev:
The OSMF Board is looking at restarting the Engineering Working Group with a revised scope to include handling paid software development. This scope needs to be developed with existing and new volunteers, but my ideas are that it would include

- Google Summer of Code,
- managing development to be paid by the OSMF by contracts and grants, and
- collaborating with other organizations for multi-organization grants.

It would do this by by
- placing calls for proposals for paid work on topics like top ten tasks;
- accepting other proposals;
- defining an approximate distribution of OSMF funds for development between primary/secondary/tertiary services, external services, and new services; - encouraging applications from skilled individuals who aren't professional developers, professional contractors, companies, and others.

Once the scope and funding distribution guidelines are defined we would want to start with low-risk projects involving experienced people who need less management.

If you are interested in changing the EWG to handle these roles, please let me know.

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