Sounds like a great idea … and I really like the demo video !

As for the status codes, I would probably prefer 404/Not Found for non-existing 
actions rather than 400/Bad Request. And 404 as well for the case of the action 
not being available anonymously.

And concluding from the demo by „projecting based on a named property“ you mean 
the property really indicates the Content-Type to represent the resource as ? 
Have you considered using the an extension in the action such as 
…/my-action.html ? Missing support for the requested content type could be 
406/Not Acceptable (or also 404/Not Found).


> Am 12.01.2017 um 23:44 schrieb Rodric Rabbah <rod...@gmail.com>:
> I just opened a pull request to allow actions to be accessible viaa  web
> browser. Action invokes this way are anonymous in that the caller is not
> authenticated. The intended action must be named in the path as a fully
> qualified name as in
> /experimental/web/some-namespace/some-package/some-action. The package is
> optional in that the action may be in the default package. In which case,
> the string "default" must be used.
> If the action doesn't exist (or the namespace is not valid) a BadRequest is
> generated. Optionally, the result form the action may be projected based on
> a named property. As in
> /experimental/web/some-namespace/some-package/some-action/some-property. If
> the property
> does not exist in the result then a BadRequest is generated. By convention,
> the "html" property will attempt to respond with media type "text/html".
> Actions may be exposed to this web proxy by adding an annotation ("export"
> -> true).
> Demo video https://ibm.box.com/s/5c6ignvejihbai3f59uvqcxee9etf0lf.
> Feedback solicited and welcomed.
> -r

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