Is there any way for the RAT tool to acknowledge the "minified" ASF header 
that is approved for use in .js (and other files)?

See "short form" approved here:

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From:   "Ying Chun Guo" <>
Date:   02/12/2018 08:18 AM
Subject:        Re: Release policy compliance: Adding license headers and 
the excluded files

Hi, Bertrand

Thank you for the inputs.

My original thought was to maintain different Rat exclusions for different 
repo because they may have different files. If we want to maintain a 
unique version, we may need to collect all exclusions in all the repo 
together and maintain a set. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether a 
file shall be excluded or not. Hope you can help review after the 
collection is ready. 

OpenWhisk has a repo in github to track release documents and scripts.
Here it is:
. I think these information can be documented here:

Best regards
Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

-----Bertrand Delacretaz <> wrote: -----
From: Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Date: 02/09/2018 06:41PM
Subject: Re: Release policy compliance: Adding license headers and the 
excluded files

Hi Daisy,

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:24 PM, Ying Chun Guo <> wrote:
> ...I use Apache Rat to audit license headers. I use wskdeploy repo as 
the trial repo.
> I reported an issue (
> to wskdeploy including a report generated by Apache Rat. In the report, 
all the files
> with unapproved licenses will be listed...

This sounds great.

What you want basically is that for any build that's meant to create a 

-Rat should run
-The build should fail if Rat reports any anomalies
-The Rat exclusions should ideally be defined in the same way for all
modules, for consistency
-The Rat exclusions should be commented to indicate why each exclusion
(or family of exclusions) is here

I think this should be documented in a "coding standards" or "release
management" page, does OpenWhisk have this already?

-Bertrand (with my incubation mentor hat on)

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