some time ago, we started working on the scale out of the controllers.
One of our first steps was to deploy two controllers, but use the second one as 
hot standby controller. At this time, this was an important step, because we 
had to handle cache-invalidation first and solve Load-balancing-issues.
In the meantime all these issues are solved, and the default is that all 
controllers are used round robin for months now.

We added a flag if the controllers should be used round robin or the second as 
hot standby. This flag is set to "use all controllers round robin" for months 

In my opinion, we don't need the hot standby ability anymore.
Does anyone has another opinion?

If not, I'll go forward with the following PR 
(https://github.com/apache/incubator-openwhisk/pull/3266) and let it merge.

Christian Bickel

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