This is another kind reminder for our bi-weekly Tech Interchange Meeting today.

The (updated) agenda up to now is:

- Introduction of new attendees
- Asking around for notable changes/updates
- Updates on the graduation / release mgmt. process for OpenWhisk by Vincent S 
Hou [20 min]
- License header auditing in the release process by Ying Chun Guo [10 min]
- Sharding Loadbalancer changes by Markus Thömmes [10 min]
- Find and confirm moderator for next meeting Feb 28th  

@all: Please contact me if you have another topic that should show up on the 
@Matt: Can you please add the agenda  to the CWiki.

What: Apache OpenWhisk "Tech. Interchange" (bi-weekly) Zoom Meeting 
When: @ 11:00am EDT, 8am PDT, 3pm GMT, 5pm CEST , 3pm UTC 


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