Currently the subjects/identities view is implemented as below [1].
The 2 usages of this view are in

1. Identity#get - by namespace
2. Identity#get - by uuid, key

In both cases includeDocs is set to true. However currently the view
rendered has 2 types of documents

1. {namespace, uuid, key}
2. {_id: namespace + '/limit', namespace, uuid, key}

Are the view docs used for any purpose? If yes then whats the
significance of the '_id' field having '/limit' as suffix?

Chetan Mehrotra

[1] function (doc) {
  if(doc.uuid && doc.key && !doc.blocked) {
    var v = {namespace: doc.subject, uuid: doc.uuid, key: doc.key};
    emit([doc.subject], v);
    emit([doc.uuid, doc.key], v);
  if(doc.namespaces && !doc.blocked) {
    doc.namespaces.forEach(function(namespace) {
      var v = {_id: + '/limits', namespace:, uuid: namespace.uuid, key: namespace.key};
      emit([], v);
      emit([namespace.uuid, namespace.key], v);

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