I think some openwhiskers have this use-case and I'm thinking to start a thread 
to see what are the current options. and see if we can land a PR if we want to 
support this use-case.

The need is to share an action with 3rd party developers, while retaining the 
intellectual property of the code, and potentially the associated default 
parameters. 3rd party developers should be able to use the action in any 
composition (meaning to be able to invoke the action from other actions), but 
should not be able to read its code, nor its default params. The action should 
look like a blackbox from the outside. Only the namespace owners should be able 
to manage it ( create, update, delete, etc ).

It looks like this could be achieved in Openwhisk through web actions. The 
action becomes publicly accessible to any 3rd party developer that knows the 
URL, while the code and default params are not visible at all.

With Composer [1], we have a nice programming model, and actions can be easily 
referenced in compositions by their name. We can think of the name of the 
action ( <namespace>/<package>/<action>) as the "URI" in the context of 
OpenWhisk. So the question is if there's something today that allows us to 
reference an action from another namespace in a composition, w/o having to 
share the code with other developers. And if this is not possible, then WDYT if 
we make it possible ?



[1] - https://github.com/ibm-functions/composer

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