Hi, team

I'd like to update the work of checking license headers. Two related PRs are:

Based on the previous discussion, we will exclude below type of files from 
license header verification because of little creativity:
- Json files
- Gradle setting files
- Configuration files prefixed with dot
- Template files used in OpenWhisk installation

And we will use short form of header to minified OpenWhisk action source files 
in order to get better performance.

Now we are able to support approved ASF short format headers during RAT tool 
scanning. But we still have 460+ files without approved license headers in the 
12 main repos. Most of these files are:
- *.md files
- test actions and test yaml files
- *.sh files, installation scripts
- docker files
- ansible yaml files

Later, we have to add ASF headers to those files before we make the official 
release. If you have different opinions with adding headers on top of these 
files, please discuss in the mailing list. Thank you.

Best regards
Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

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