Report from the Apache Parquet committee [Julien Le Dem]

## Description:
Parquet is a standard and interoperable columnar file format for
efficient analytics.

## Issues:
there are no issues requiring board attention at this time

## Activity:
The community has been converging toward a 1.9 release. The vote will start
in the coming days. Discussion about better encoding and vectorization apis
are ongoing.
The parquet-cpp repo has reached a stable state and should release soon.
Integration with arrow-cpp is now in the parquet-cpp repo.

## Health report:
The PMC and committer list are growing. Discussion is happening on the
mailing list, JIRA and regular hangout sync up. Notes are sent to the
mailing list.

## PMC changes:

 - Currently 22 PMC members.
 - Wes McKinney was added to the PMC on Thu Sep 01 2016

## Committer base changes:

 - Currently 25 committers.
 - Uwe Korn was added as a committer on Sun Sep 04 2016

## Releases:

 - Last release was Format 2.3.1 on Thu Dec 17 2015

## Mailing list activity:

 - Activity on the mailing list is still relatively the same
 - JIRAS are resolved about at the same pace they are opened.

    - 172 subscribers (up 9 in the last 3 months):
    - 486 emails sent to list (394 in previous quarter)

## JIRA activity:

 - 85 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
 - 74 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months


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