Hello all,

I would like to start a vote for the 1.4.0 release this week. We still have not 
yet implemented everything we wanted in 1.4.0 but as the arrow release it 
depends on is already quite some time ago, I would like to release 1.4.0 now 
and push all other things to 1.5.0 which should also come quite soon as we will 
hopefully release Arrow 0.9 at the end of the month.

The only remaining blocker from my side is that we currently have build issues 
on conda-forge: https://github.com/conda-forge/parquet-cpp-feedstock/pull/40. 
Once we have figured out how to fix them (and the respective PR was merged to 
master), I would start the vote.

Meanwhile I would appreciate reviews on my open PRs on GitHub.


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