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@@ -28,14 +28,35 @@
 import org.codehaus.jackson.type.TypeReference;
+ * KeyMaterial class represents the "key material", keeping the information 
that allows readers to recover an encryption key (see 
+ * description of the KeyMetadata class). The keytools package (PARQUET-1373) 
implements the "envelope encryption" pattern, in a 
+ * "single wrapping" or "double wrapping" mode. In the single wrapping mode, 
the key material is generated by encrypting the 
+ * "data encryption key" (DEK) by a "master key". In the double wrapping mode, 
the key material is generated by encrypting the DEK 
+ * by a "key encryption key" (KEK), that in turn is encrypted by a "master 
+ * 
+ * Key material is kept in a flat json object, with the following fields:
+ * 1. "keyMaterialType" - a String, with the type of  key material. In the 
current version, only one value is allowed - "PKMT1" (stands 
+ *     for "parquet key management tools, version 1"). For external key 
material storage, this field is written in both "key metadata" and 
+ *     "key material" jsons. For internal key material storage, this field is 
written only once in the common json.
+ * 2. "isFooterKey" - a boolean. If true, means that the material belongs to a 
file footer key, and keeps additional information (such as

Review comment:
       This (and the other _"boolean"_ members) are not `boolean` values in the 
as per the json spec. (You are writing `"true"` and `"false"` instead of `true` 
and `false`.)
   You may either mention it in the description or try to use a `Map<String, 
Object>` and put `String` or `Boolean` values. I think, `jackson` will write 
proper `boolean` values in this case. I would vote on the latter if it works.

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