On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, Matt Sergeant wrote:
> Seems to be I think - but then this isn't a bug I've been able to replicate. I 
> asked the person to try recompiling with an explicit -DEAPI and it made no 
> difference. AxKit uses Apache::src to get the headers and CFLAGS.
> Does the request_rec contents make any sense to you? It doesn't seem to be a 
> subrequest, yet per_dir_config is null...

actually, this looks related to largefiles.  you might need to do 
something like:

#from modperl-2.0/lib/Apache/Build.pm
use Config;

sub strip_lfs {
    my($cflags) = @_;
    return $cflags unless $Config{uselargefiles};
    my $lf = $Config{ccflags_uselargefiles}
    $cflags =~ s/$lf//;

WriteMakefile(CFLAGS => strip_lfs($Config{cflags}, ...);

sadly, this would also need to be conditional.  doing it unless
$Apache::MyConfig::Setup{PERL_USELARGEFILES} == 1

either that or have the user rebuild perl with -Uuselargefiles

yes, it is a bloody nightmare.

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