On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, Matt Sergeant wrote:
> OK, I'm applying the following diff. Does it make sense to you? (I'm 
> completely lost as to why I need to do this, so any guidance is most 
> welcome!)

looks right to me.  same issues that have been plaguing modperl itself 
ever since 5.6.0 was released.  the largefile flags change the 
sizeof(request_rec), so everything that dereferences the request_rec must 
be compiled with or without these flags.  normally the issue is just 
between modperl and apache, but since axkit extends with xs and 
dereferences request_rec, if the lfs flags were ripped out when building 
modperl, they must also be ripped out when building axkit.  this is likely 
only the case when modperl is built with USE_APXS.  when modperl is linked 
static or USE_DSO=1 and modperl compiles apache, the lfs flags are added 
to the apache build to avoid the size mismatches.

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