On 17/09/16 06:42, wraydulany wrote:
>     [Pirk 67] - Add Slide Deck to the Website Documentation Explaining the 
> Mathematics of Pirk

Argh! Walter you are driving me mad! :-)

Thank you for putting up the slides, and I really want to grok this, but
I'm struggling to work through even the simplest of examples.
I need the kindergarten version :-(

What am I doing wrong?  I'm trying a very simple example.  I'm going to
p = 3, q = 5 and a message m = 42

Looking at page 11 on the math_deck.pdf line by line

line 2:
  N = 15.
  I'm going to pick g = 240.  I think it needs to be a multiple of N
that is greater than N*N, correct?

line 3:
  I'll pick zeta = 21.  I think it needs to be greater than N.

Line 4:
  (240^42 x 21^15) mod 225 = 0

That's suspicious.
...and if I play with my free choices of m, g and zeta I always get zero.


I get the gist of the flow through the deck, but I want to work through
my own examples from top to bottom.


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