On 29/09/16 11:29, Ellison Anne Williams wrote:
> In general, I am in favor of an abstract class.
> However, note that in the distributed case, the 'table' is generated in a
> distributed fashion and then used as such too ('split' and distributed).
> FWIW - In preliminary testing, the lookup tables ended up not performing
> any better at scale than the local caching mechanism that is currently in
> place and used by default (in
> org.apache.pirk.responder.wideskies.common.ComputeEncryptedRow).

I'm trying to figure out why the Query is responsible for maintaining
the expTable / expFile* info?  These tables are only used by the
responders, so doesn't it make sense to move the logic over there?

The responders should decide whether they want to use caches to
calculate the response, not the person asking the query.


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