Alright... I also forgot that these protocols are now TCP/IP capable, and I
have no clue what that means. In the old serial comm world it was much


On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 6:53 PM, Christofer Dutz <>

> Hi Niclas,
> well I wouldn’t say that we should do just Master. I guess right now
> development has been driven by the use case. And the probably most
> important use case for me was reading from an S7. One use case down the S7
> road that I would like to implement soon is that a client using PLC4X can
> subscribe for Alarm messages and Parameter values of a S7 PLC and that then
> actively sends data to PLC4X. Would that be called “slave”? If it is, I
> guess both are highly important, just haven’t got to the point of
> implementing that.
> Chris
> Am 31.12.17, 05:02 schrieb " im Auftrag von Niclas
> Hedhman" < im Auftrag von>:
>     I am getting the impression that only "Master" side of these protocols
> are
>     in scope. Or?
>     In any case, I have previously made a C library for ModBus (from
> spec), and
>     I could see if it is worth dusting off and contribute. Is it of
> interest,
>     or? It might not be complete, and I recall it follows a OO-style of C
>     programming that not everyone appreciate.
>     Cheers
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