Hi all,

I know I have been unusually silent for the last few days. Had a lot of things 
going on here so here a short summary:

What I’ve been working on:

  *   Implement some tests for the RawSocket (Which I’m not finished with and 
it turned out to be trickier than expected but looking good)
  *   Finished writing an article about PLC4X and Edgent for German IT 
Magazines IoT Special Edition
  *   Write an article with a focus on Edgent with a part about PLC4X in 
another German IT Magazines IoT Special Edition (Stupid double commitment from 
my side)
  *   Communication with loads of people and companies interested in hearing 
more about PLC4X and eventually even joining our team
  *   Submitted Papers about PLC4X to about 6 conferences

In the next few days I’ll hopefully finish the second article (Hopefully they 
will both spread the word quite well). After that I’m hoping to finish the 
RawSocket tests which means that it actually works through IP routers and 

On 26th of February I’m going to visit a company that sells a S7 simulator and 
we’ll exchange information on some of the S7 protocol details, especially 
symbolic addressing. Here we might be able to help each other greatly. 
Eventually even try to setup and configure the simulator as an Integration-Test 
environment. Super-Maybe even get it running on Linux with Mono.

So far the update from my side … been an extremely busy few weeks … have to 
admit I’m totally excited about the symbolic protocol option. We would be the 
first to support this. No other open-source driver currently supports this 
feature :-)


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