in the past I have been thinking how we can make the batch reads as simple as 

I would like to introduce an idea I had:

What if we started supporting annotated POJO classes? (The following names are 
just ideas …)

A POJO class could be annotated with some “@PlcEntity” annotation.
A property inside one of these classes could then be annotated with 
This PlcProperty could have the following attributes:

  *   Direction (Read/Write/Read&Write)
  *   Property (Name of a property that provides the address in the PLC)
  *   Address (Alternative to provide the address directly and give up on the 
flexibility to change the PLC-type / Protocol)

Providing would definitely be the less preferred option, but I guess we would 
have to provide a way that is extremely simple for new developers to get 
started. I wouldn’t want to overwhelm them with too much magic in the start.

The connection could be extended to look a (configurable) property file. A 
property property (😉) would then use this property map in the connection to get 
the real address string for the given property - hereby keeping the full 

Maybe it would be better to have two separate property annotations: one for 
property-based and one for hard-coded address strings.

The benefit would be that we then could simplify the integrations to frameworks 
like Edgent as we could create sources and sinks based on the POJO type.

What do you think?


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