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Over time I created several Issues (listed there) and I think it would be good 
to check them and discuss them.


Am 11.08.19, 13:31 schrieb "Tim Mitsch" <t.mit...@pragmaticindustries.de>:

    Hey everybody
    First topic:
    I just faced the problem of validating a given connection string to a 
PlcField (in general) for syntactical correctness.
    For S7Field we implemented some static functionality (“matches(String)”) to 
check if the given string matches the PATTERNs , but i think we should 
implement something similar for all other implemented Devices/FieldTypes; as 
Java does not offer to override a static method defined in interface in an 
implemented class we should think about another solution.
    I had a chat with Julian on slack and he suggested to acquire at first a 
Driver from DriverManager whereas the given driver (or connection) offers a 
method where the validation of a connection string to a field 
(“validateQuery(String)“) could be performed. Furthermore also DriverManager 
could offer a method to validate a field-connection-string and returning for 
what kind of Driver that string could be used.
    I would highly appreciate to have a connection-string-validation as soon as 
possible; I also can start implementing that (@Chris,@Julian I promise to 
finish that in an appropriate amount of time, not like with my scraper-branch 
--> Sorry for that).
    Second topic:
    Close related is another topic I had some issues with: when fetching a 
Connection via getConnection() from a DriverManager we currently perform an 
implicit connect() to that connection. I think we should offer the user the 
possibility to connect to the connection on his request.
    What do u think about these two topics?

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