That's just cause you are a shady person :-P


Am 28.08.19, 09:58 schrieb "Sebastian Rühl" 

    Hi Chris,
    My experience is the other way around: shade over assembly.
    So from my side go for it +1
    > Am 28.08.2019 um 09:56 schrieb Christofer Dutz 
    > Hi all,
    > you know we were having problems in the past with the assembly of the 
no-deps artifacts.
    > We solved this by creating a new assembly descriptor with plugins to 
merge the services properties.
    > Now while working on our demo for Vegas Roman had problems with these as 
there seem to be other parts that also require merging.
    > He came up with a solution to use the shade plugin.
    > Switching to this has the advantage of not having to maintain an 
assembly.xml or deploy and release a dedicated assembly artifact.
    > We could simply define the defaults in the parent and then just use the 
shade plugin wherever we need it.
    > I sort of remembered that it was discouraged to use the shade plugin in 
preference of the assembly in the past, but I could no longer see this 
    > So how about switching the uber-jar generator?
    > Chris

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