Hi Sally,

(redirecting this to the public dev list as my initial post was just for 
informing the PMC that I contacted you)

this is great news. I/we will be happy to meet with him in Berlin :-)

I'm definitely going to be patient ... the site has been this way for about 2 
years now and it doesn't appear that I'll all of a sudden develop super-natural 
web-design capabilities.
Perhaps someone on this list would be able to help, but we have asked this 
question before (If there's anyone here ... please raise your hand though)



Am 19.09.19, 12:17 schrieb "Sally Khudairi" <s...@apache.org>:

    Thank you, Christofer --yes, this is something we can help with. 
    Kenneth Paskett (copied) is Creative Lead for Central Services. He will be 
able to assist and will be in Berlin to work with you in person. 
    I'm also planning to more formally engage the Open Source Design community 
(they have a track at ACEU), so we might be able to have a robust level of 
participation (we have a couple of Apache projects on the list).
    Are you able to wait a little bit for us to get organized? Thanks in 
advance for your patience (I'm the hold-up <g> )
    - - - 
    Vice President Marketing & Publicity
    Vice President Sponsor Relations
    The Apache Software Foundation
    Tel +1 617 921 8656 | s...@apache.org
    On Thu, Sep 19, 2019, at 00:33, Christofer Dutz wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I would like to ask, if there are any options to help make the 
    > landing-page of the Apache PLC4X Website a little more appealing.
    > We have reached a pretty good technical quality level which the landing 
    > page doesn’t seem to reflect. Unfortunately we don’t have any skilled 
    > web-designers in our team so we’re sort of relying on external help.
    > Would central services be able to assist us with this?
    > It’s not the technical stuff we need help with, we’ve got those bases 
    > covered, we just need a little help with the Web-Design and perhaps 
    > re-structuring our navigation.
    > Chris

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