Hi Alex,

first off, nice that you found your way here : )
I guess Chris has to check if he can provide access to his PLC.

Alternatively, we could check if we could also grant access to our PLC from 
time to time (looking at @Tim Mitsch<mailto:t.mit...@pragmaticindustries.de>) 
via a special OVPN Config?

Do you have any special applications or things in mind?


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Betreff: Account for VPN Access

Hello everybody,

I just saw your interesting project and started to write a little java 
application. Now it would be great, if I can test my application.
Is it possible to get an account in order to get access to the Siemens S7-1212 
? And if yes, could you tell me some PLC addresses, so I can transfer some data?

Thank you in advance!

With best regards

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