--- Comment #10 from Javen O'Neal <> ---
I think I have fixed this in r1761662. The problem is that the signature of
log(int, Object...) is identical to log(int, Object) or log(int, Object, final
Throwable). We are relying on the visibility of the last two to make the
log(int, Object...) the version that gets called.
Looking at the code, Java must prefer non-varargs over varargs functions when
the signature is otherwise compatible, which is why Andreas had issues with
NullLogger calling the log methods that were protected in POILogger but public
in NullLogger.

We are silently falling back to using a NullLogger for the DocumentHelper
class, hopefully because the org.apache.poi.util.POILogger system property has
not been set and not a different reason. POILogFactory [1] seems to be catching
and suppressing exceptions in multiple locations.

Could you verify this fix with the latest trunk release?

[1] POILogFactory

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