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--- Comment #12 from Nick <> ---
(In reply to Javen O'Neal from comment #10)
> I think I have fixed this in r1761662. The problem is that the signature of
> log(int, Object...) is identical to log(int, Object) or log(int, Object,
> final Throwable). We are relying on the visibility of the last two to make
> the log(int, Object...) the version that gets called.
> Looking at the code, Java must prefer non-varargs over varargs functions
> when the signature is otherwise compatible, which is why Andreas had issues
> with NullLogger calling the log methods that were protected in POILogger but
> public in NullLogger.
> We are silently falling back to using a NullLogger for the DocumentHelper
> class, hopefully because the org.apache.poi.util.POILogger system property
> has not been set and not a different reason. POILogFactory [1] seems to be
> catching and suppressing exceptions in multiple locations.
> Could you verify this fix with the latest trunk release?
> [1] POILogFactory

Sorted downloaded the beta1 release 3.16 problem gone Thanks !!!

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