Hi All

From my understanding of Java 9 modules, you basically can't have one
package split across multiple jars. This is an issue for us, as we do split things betwen core, scratchpad and ooxml, to permit people to minimise their jar sizes by excluding components they don't want.

Longer term, we could maybe look at having per-component jars. In the short term... I think if we just bundled the 3 jars together and dropped in a module info file, that'd fix things for Java 9 module users at the expense of them having to get all of POI (no exclusions).

Build wise, it'd be really simple - just generate an extra jar with the contents of the 3 base jars included, along with the module info file, and call it something like poi-all-java9.

What do people think of this idea? Any downsides? Comments? Suggestions?

Also, would David North like to share his Java 9 module slides from his talk a few weeks back? :)


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