Yet another reason to consider package reorganization.

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Subject: Single Java 9 module jar?

Hi All

>From my understanding of Java 9 modules, you basically can't have one package 
>split across multiple jars. This is an issue for us, as we do split things 
>betwen core, scratchpad and ooxml, to permit people to minimise their jar 
>sizes by excluding components they don't want.

Longer term, we could maybe look at having per-component jars. In the short 
term... I think if we just bundled the 3 jars together and dropped in a module 
info file, that'd fix things for Java 9 module users at the expense of them 
having to get all of POI (no exclusions).

Build wise, it'd be really simple - just generate an extra jar with the 
contents of the 3 base jars included, along with the module info file, and call 
it something like poi-all-java9.

What do people think of this idea? Any downsides? Comments? Suggestions?

Also, would David North like to share his Java 9 module slides from his talk a 
few weeks back? :)


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