bhardesty opened a new pull request #661: DISPATCH-1548: Modularize Dispatch 
Router Doc
   This PR implements the doc modularization scheme described in DISPATCH-1548. 
No technical changes have been made to the content; it's essentially a 
refactoring into assembly and module files. 
   I also added "parts" to the main book to make it easier to find content. 
This is an abbreviated view of the TOC:
   1. Overview of Dispatch Router
   1.1. Key features
   1.2. Supported standards and protocols
   1.3. Document conventions
   2. Important terms and concepts
   2.1. Overview of AMQP
   2.2. What routers are
   2.3. How routers route messages
   2.4. Router security
   2.5. Router management
   Get started
   3. Getting started
   3.1. Installing Dispatch Router on Linux
   3.2. Exploring the default router configuration file
   3.3. Starting the router
   3.4. Sending test messages
   3.5. Next steps
   4. Dispatch Router deployment guidelines
   4.1. Router operating modes
   4.2. Security guidelines
   4.3. Router connection guidelines
   5. Installing Dispatch Router
   5.1. Installing Dispatch Router on Linux
   5.2. Preparing router configurations
   5.3. Starting a router
   6. Configuring router properties
   7. Configuring network connections
   7.1. Connecting routers
   7.2. Listening for client connections
   7.3. Connecting to external AMQP containers
   7.4. Understanding connection failover
   8. Securing network connections
   8.1. Securing connections between routers
   8.2. Securing incoming client connections
   8.3. Securing outgoing connections
   9. Configuring authorization
   9.1. Types of policies
   9.2. How policies enforce connection and resource limits
   9.3. Setting global connection limits
   9.4. Setting connection and resource limits for messaging endpoints
   10. Configuring logging
   10.1. Logging modules
   10.2. Configuring default logging
   11. Configuring routing
   11.1. Configuring message routing
   11.2. Creating link routes
   12. Monitoring using Apache Qpid Dispatch Router Console
   12.1. Setting up access to Apache Qpid Dispatch Router Console
   12.2. Accessing Apache Qpid Dispatch Router Console
   12.3. Monitoring the router network using Apache Qpid Dispatch Router Console
   13. Monitoring using qdstat
   13.1. Syntax for using qdstat
   13.2. Commands for monitoring the router network
   14. Managing using qdmanage
   15. Troubleshooting Dispatch Router
   15.1. Viewing log entries
   15.2. Troubleshooting using logs
   Appendix A: AMQP mapping

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