On Oct 19, 2010, at 8:56 AM, John Clements wrote:

> On Oct 19, 2010, at 5:33 AM, Michael Sperber wrote:
>> Robby Findler <ro...@eecs.northwestern.edu> writes:
>>> How recently did the change come in that allows internal definitions
>>> all over the place? And how broken did this make the stepper?
>> Pretty broken: There are now (let () ...)s all over the place.
>> (I've sent separate e-mail to John and Matthew.)
> ? I don't see that e-mail.  That may not be important.
> Re: fixing stepper failures: I'm guessing that these failures have been 
> hidden by the test-only bug that's prevented the drdr tests from running on 
> the stepper for the last week.  I'm hoping that the build that's currently 
> preventing me from typing rapidly will also allow me to run the main test 
> suite manually and see what's broken.

Pflug. The two flavors of test suite (command-line and interactive) are broken 
in *different* ways as a result of recent changes to the testing engine.  

In the interest of getting this fixed quickly, I'm going to describe these, 
just in case anyone has suggestions.

1) The command-line tests fail like this:

   given: #(struct:error-result "require: namespace mismatch; reference (phase 
0) to a module \"/Users/clements/plt/collects/test-engine/racket-tests.rkt\" 
that is not available (phase level 0) in: test")

When I attach the test-engine/racket-tests module to the user's namespace, 
these failures turn into:

   given: #(struct:error-result "link: module mismatch, probably from old 
bytecode whose dependencies have changed: variable not provided (directly or 
indirectly) from module: 
\"/Users/clements/plt/collects/test-engine/racket-tests.rkt\" accessed from 
module: 'stepper-module-name-762 at source phase level: 0 in: test")

This module does appear to provide a macro called 'test', so ... I'm not sure 
how to interpret this message. It doesn't look like something I can solve by 
re-running raco setup.

(FWIW, for those of you with deja vu, yes: this is the same question I cc:'ed 
to plt-dev before.)

2) The interactive tests fail like this:

   given: #(struct:error-result "namespace-variable-value: test~object is not 

I haven't worked on this one yet... but it looks like this is also something 
that was added this month.


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