Noel Welsh wrote:
On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 3:39 PM, Doug Williams
<> wrote:
I downloaded the pre-release version this morning - 10/20 (I believe it was
a build from 10/16). The plot package and plot extensions in the science
collection all work as expected. But, I am getting different numeric answers
for some of my science collection routines (for example, the gamma function)
and some of my newer code (for example, FFT) either fails with an error
message or DrRacket just dies. All of this code uses unsafe operations and
the problem may lie there somewhere. I'll try digging more deeply this

There is a crash inducing bug in some uses of flround (at least, last
time I tried it). I haven't previously reported it as I haven't had
the time to narrow down the situation that causes it. My DCT package
on Github triggers it.

I've had unsafe-fllog crash DrRacket a few times. The symptoms are always consistent for me, but the bug fixers (Vincent and Matthew in this case) haven't been able to duplicate them. It's very context-sensitive (e.g. it depends whether printf and/or parameters are used nearby, and whether the unsafe-fllog comes from TR's optimizer), so it was very hard to narrow down in the first place.

I'm thinking this is all the same thing, and JIT-related. (Except maybe Doug's is caused by chaperones.)

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