On Nov 14, 2010, at 1:35 PM, Dmitry Chestnykh wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Nov 2010, Robby Findler wrote:
>> Currently, DrRacket uses cmd-[ and cmd-] and it seems unfortunate to
>> have to change that by adding another modifier. I see that terminal
>> uses that for cycling windows, and safari and firefox use it for the
>> browsing history. Preview uses it for changing pages. So cmd-[ and
>> cmd-] don't seem all that standard.
> Well, it seems like Cmd+SHIFT+[ and ] also work for me in 5.0.2 (can't get 
> any keyboard shortcuts to work in the nightly build :).
> Anyway, the most important thing for me was a conflict with the standard text 
> editing shortcuts, and you fixed it, so I'm okay with any shortcuts for tab 
> switching (I also use Cmd+1..9, and they work well).
> There's another unrelated thing with shortcuts that bothers me -- any 
> shortcuts with letters don't work with non-English (Russian in my case) 
> layouts -- they put a letter instead of doing action (for example, if I press 
> Cmd+] with Russian layout, it outputs "ъ", because that's what "]" is mapped 
> to in this layout). As I understand, normally, when modifier keys are pressed 
> (for example, Cmd) the app should receive English letters, but it seems like 
> it's not the case for DrRacket. I'll look into it more, and let you know if I 
> come out with the fix (or maybe the Cocoa version won't even have this bug).

FWIW, Chrome seems to use Cmd+Option+Left and Cmd+Option+Right.


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