Okay, I tried an example of this and I'm getting stuck. I did one
commit and pushed on my laptop. On the desktop, I did another commit
and then I used an interactive rebase to swap the order of the
commits. Then, I did a push --force, which I think I understand and I
think worked.

Then, on the laptop, I did a git pull, and I ended up with the commits
back in the original order and a merge commit afterwards but I would
rather just have my state be like the server's was.


As far as my other question goes, I think that perhaps the right
answer is just "don't forget". That is, when I go back to my laptop
and I see that "git status" thinks that things are not up to date (ie,
before doing a pull or 'git remote update'), then I should take my
changes there and just plan to either kill them or put them off in a
branch somewhere else, get the latest stuff from the server and then
go from there.

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