Four hours ago, Stevie Strickland wrote:
> In general, this is why people say you really shouldn't train
> yourself to do "git pull" automatically, because there's plenty of
> places where you don't want that.  I always do "git remote
> update"/"git merge ..." separately because there's plenty of times
> where I don't want to merge.

I have this alias in my ~/.gitconfig file:

   up = pull --ff-only --stat --all

so I can run `git up' conveniently.  `--ff-only' is the key here, it
makes the branch you're on advance only if it's a fast-forward.
Otherwise it stops after fetching and leaves you with resolving

For people who never use branches, you can alias it to `pull --rebase'

(And I wrote about all of this too in the git intro text.)

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