The whole #lang thing has bothered me for a long time.  How about this?

EVERY Racket source file is supposed to start with a #lang line, which DrRacket 
shows in a separate (non-scrollable, one-line) pane, hiding the word #lang, 
since it MUST be there and therefore provides the user no information.  The 
"choose language" menu commands would simply replace the contents of this pane 
with one of several bundled language names.  If you don't want to use one of 
the bundled ones, you can type into this pane yourself, and the next time you 
hit "run", either that language is found or it isn't.

If you open a Racket source file in a text editor, you see the same #lang line 
you see now.

What to do with legacy source files that don't have #lang lines?  That 
shouldn't be insurmountable....

Stephen Bloch
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