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>> Also, Roger (the bug reporter) tried basically all the languages in
>> the dialog, but did not understand that "Use the language declared in
>> the source" was even an option.
> Ugh. That's unfortunate. We spent a lot of time trying to make that
> dialog clear.

Here are a few ideas for improving it:

1. Include some examples of #lang lines under the #lang option.

2. Change option 2 to be "Use a teaching language", with *only* the
teaching langauges listed.  Then have a button to show the other
languages.  This would also cut down on the number of people who
choose R5RS without knowing what they're doing.

3. Like option 2, but put even the teaching languages behind the
button.  This would make it hard to get confused as a newcomer to
Racket, but students would need more explanation.

I think both 1 and 2 are good ideas, and we could do them without
inconveniencing people.  3 is more controversial.

sam th
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