I was professionally writing Ruby code as that community struggled through package issues. I hope that experience can shed some light here. Also I'd like to understand the basic use cases and how they work in planet2.

As a user, here are my 2 use cases:

1. My friend tells me about awesome library X, and I want to install it and use it. Planet2 makes this easy.

2. I have an existing app running and I want to replicate it exactly somewhere else (including libraries). I'm not sure this is possible with raw Planet2. The Ruby community finally dealt with this by saving the full library dependency list in a file ("bundle", with version numbers) that you save alongside your app. It works fairly well.

Their experience suggests that accidental backwards incompatible changes in libraries happen frequently enough to need some kind of support for. Compatibility with the core language was not supported. Either a library's webpage would say "requires ruby core >= 1.8.x", or sometimes importing the library would produce an error message telling you the same.

Do these use cases make sense? (I'd like to hear about library developer use cases, but I have no experience there)

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