I changed it to (call-with-limits (* 30 60) 2048 (lambda () <run-analysis>)) 
for a sanity check, which I thought with-limits was just a macro for. Same 
problem. The execution takes at least 20 seconds to get to 15GiB, so it can't 
be just that GC isn't running in order for the custodian to notice the usage 
over the limit.
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Does <run-analysis> have the form (lambda () <actually-run-analysis>)? Because 
if not, that's the problem. 

Carl Eastlund 

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On Sep 9, 2013 11:55 AM, "J. Ian Johnson" < i...@ccs.neu.edu > wrote: 

I'm running my analysis benchmarks in the context of (with-limits (* 30 60) 
2048 <run-analysis>), and it's been good at killing the process when the run 
should time out, but now I have an instantiation of the framework that just 
gobbles up 15GiB of memory without getting killed. What might be going on here? 

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