Amazing - thank you!

On 12/06/2013 01:17 PM, Matthew Flatt wrote:
I've pushed a repair. Thanks for the report!

At Thu, 05 Dec 2013 16:08:45 -0500, David Vanderson wrote:

I'm seeing that if the first draw-text on a canvas is at a small scale
(0.1), then later draw-text calls at larger scales (1) show strange
character spacing (see attached image).

This can be worked around by passing #t as the combine? argument to
draw-text, but it seems some state is being shared between draw-text calls.

Does this happen for others? (I'm on Linux)


#lang racket/gui

(define (draw-screen canvas dc)

    (define t (send dc get-transformation))
    (send dc scale 0.1 0.1)

    (send dc draw-text "small" 1000 1000)

    (send dc set-transformation t)

    (define t2 (send dc get-transformation))
    (send dc translate (+ (/ 500 2)) (/ 500 2))
    (send dc scale 1 1)
    (send dc draw-text "" 0 0 #f)  ; change #f to #t to fix
    (send dc set-transformation t2))

(define frame (new (class frame% (super-new))
                     (label "Test draw-text when scaled")))

(define canvas
    (new canvas%
         (parent frame)
         (min-width 500)
         (min-height 500)
         (paint-callback draw-screen)
         (style '(no-autoclear))))

(send frame show #t)

;(send (send canvas get-dc) draw-text "" 0 0)  ; or uncomment to fix

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