It seems that draw-text always pixel-aligns its text. In the example below, I draw a black "hello" on top of a red one, with a pixel offset of 0, 0.1, 0.2, . . . 0.9. At least for me, I see no change until 0.5, where the black text jumps a whole pixel (see attached image).

Am I missing something? Do others see this behavior?  (I'm on Linux)


#lang racket/gui

(define (draw-text dc offset)
  (send dc set-text-foreground "red")
  (send dc draw-text "hello" 0 0 #t)
  (send dc set-text-foreground "black")
  (send dc draw-text "hello" offset offset #t))

(define (draw-screen canvas dc)
  (send dc set-smoothing 'smoothed)
  (send dc set-font
        (send the-font-list find-or-create-font
              12 'default 'normal 'normal #f 'smoothed #f 'aligned))
  (send dc set-initial-matrix (vector 1 0 0 1 0 0))
  (for ((i 10))
    (draw-text dc (/ i 10.0))
    (send dc translate 50 0)))

(define frame (new frame% (label "Test draw-text")))

(define canvas
  (new canvas%
       (parent frame)
       (min-width 500)
       (min-height 100)
       (paint-callback draw-screen)))

(send frame show #t)

<<attachment: draw-text2.png>>

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