On 2014-12-16 13:26:38 -0800, Asumu Takikawa wrote:
>   Branch: refs/heads/master
>   Home:   https://github.com/racket/typed-racket
>   Commit: 3e45f258bed22d16b1f7ab1cac701d20c5f57e06
> https://github.com/racket/typed-racket/commit/3e45f258bed22d16b1f7ab1cac701d20c5f57e06
>   Author: Asumu Takikawa <as...@ccs.neu.edu>
>   Date:   2014-12-16 (Tue, 16 Dec 2014)
>   Changed paths:
>     M typed-racket-test/info.rkt
>   Log Message:
>   -----------
>   Adjust TR test package dependencies

I made this change to satisfy the package dependency checker, but it
seemed like the dependency should've been detected prior to Vincent's
recent commit (that reduced a level of nesting).

Is it possible that the dependency checker was failing to detect some

Here's a concrete example. This file:

clearly depends on the `unstable/flonum` library in a different package.
Prior to commit 134f793, the package system didn't complain that this
dependency wasn't listed. After the commit, the package system suddenly
started complaining.

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