On 2014-12-17 08:22:33 -0700, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> Commit 134f793 moved files out of a directory named "tests". By
> default, a directory named "tests" is treated specially by the
> dependency checker, reflecting that the directory name is treated
> specially for the creation of "binary" and "binary library" variants of
> a package: Unless the "info.rkt" file says otherwise, anything in
> "tests" is treated as "build-time" code, and so the directory's content
> creates build dependencies, not general dependencies.
> That's why it was sufficient to list "unstable-flonum-lib" in
> `build-deps` before commit 134f793, and why "unstable-flonum-lib" had
> to be moved to `deps` afterward.

Thanks Matthew, that clears it up. Is this documented anywhere in the
pkg docs? I looked in section 5 of the package docs which says that
"tests" folders are pruned for binary packages, but I'm not sure if that
implies that the dependency checker treats it as "build-time" code.

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