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The regular "sign up" button wouldn't let me.


At Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:47:58 -0800,
John Clements wrote:
> Dear developers,
> PLT would like to get out of the mailing-list administration game.
> Accordingly, we’re planning to switch to Google Groups. Rather than
> starting with our largest list, the Racket Users list, we’ve chosen to
> begin with the dev list, because … well, you’re probably more tolerant,
> if^H^H when something goes wrong.
> We would like the transition to be as smooth as possible, and we can use
> your help with this. Specifically, Google has a daily cap on the number
> of e-mail addresses that can be bulk-added to a mailing list. For this
> reason, it would speed the transition greatly if you could take a moment
> to sign up for the new group yourself, using this URL:
> We plan to disable signup for the old group now, and to halt delivery of
> mail to the existing group address tomorrow. You can post to the new
> group (after signing up) by sending mail to
> We plan to manually add or invite the members who do not add themselves,
> but the daily cap will mean that these users are likely to miss one or
> more days of postings to this list. Naturally, those posts will be
> archived, as part of the group.
> The archive of the existing list will continue to exist, though new
> messages will not be added to it.
> Let us know if you run into problems!
> Many thanks,
> John Clements & PLT
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