I was just thinking today that I would, for example, find it useful to have a 
(zip ...) function in racket/list that would be equivalent to (map list ...). 
Users coming from a Haskell background might even find it useful to have a 
zip-with function that is simply an alias for map. Admittedly, these are rather 
trivial, but (especially in the first case) I think they’d still be useful.

I am all for avoiding feature creep and code bloat, but Racket’s “batteries 
included” approach seems to make functions like these prime candidates for 
libraries like racket/list. As long as they’re not in racket/base, they seem 
fairly harmless, especially considering they would only be needed at 

Should I even consider adding things like this, or is the consensus that the 
libraries are mostly sufficient as-is?

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