Sam and I have run into a situation where `make` fails because we've
set up clone pkgs and made local modifications in a way that makes the
git commands fail [*].

My guess is that the right thing to do is for me to know about these
pkgs and do something special when running make. I'm thinking that I
could let make finish the initial steps until it gets to the step
where it updates the pkgs and then do the update step myself and then
run `make as-is`. But the problem with this is that I don't see what
command I can run that will update all of the pkgs except the
problematic ones. Like I could imagine a `raco pkg update
--all-except-clones` or something, but that feels a bit strange as
there could be other development modes that would also run into
similar problems. Maybe `raco pkg update
<the-catalog-I-currently-get-main-distribution-from>` or something
along those lines is the way to go? In general, it seems right for me
to run some commands whose complications are roughly proportional to
the number of pkgs that I have installed as clones (and where I'm
actively developing them) but not to run some commands that require me
to do something special for each pkg that is installed.

Any ideas? Or am I just missing the right command?


[*] In my case, in case this suggests a better/different approach to a
resolution: the `raco pkg update` step eventually gets to this git

  git merge --ff-only <sha1>

where the <sha1> is the checksum from the pkg server, I believe. In my
case, this is a different branch than is currently checked in my
clone'd pkg and so the git merge command fails (and that command
failing seems like the right behavior for the setup I'd like to be
able to use).

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