Hi Wang,

Welcome and happy to know that you are to contribute C++ client for RocketMQ!

Please create a PR against the external repo.

Zhanhui Li

> 在 2017年8月7日,下午5:09,王启伟 <wangqiwe...@126.com> 写道:
> Hi devs:
> I take charge of rocketmq multiple language client development more than 3 
> years at my company's middleware department; There are lots of multiple 
> language clients for rocketmq, such as C++, .NET, Python, PHP, Go and so on, 
> all these clients are popular in our company;
> Rocketmq client for cpp had gone through 3 years time-tested,and had been 
> used widly by many services, such as IM service, Navigation, advertisement 
> tool, on-line shopping service and so on; it is stable with perfect disaster 
> recovery ability, low latency,and high send/subscribe QPS;
> I noticed there are lots of clients in incubator-rocketmq-externals, but CPP 
> and DoNET client is not complete, So I hope to contribute this linux cpp 
> client to incubator-rocketmq-externals, windows CPP and DoNET will be 
> contributed later, thanks! Also, welcome any volunteers to join us!

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