I finally made blog examples update, so all examples now works on IE11 and
more devices :)

2018-06-12 23:33 GMT+02:00 Carlos Rovira <carlosrov...@apache.org>:

> Hi,
> I was working hard this past days to make Jewel look ok on IE11. I think I
> get it and I can show you the results in a browser stack screen capture
> https://snag.gy/IlVFmY.jpg
> So we now supports IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and in
> mobile most important devices iOS (I think from 9.0+), Android (almost all
> I tested looks the same), Windows Phone (If anyone uses it ;)), maybe even
> more, it's a matter of test more with Browserstack ;). So I think we have
> support for almost all important browsers out there right?
> There's still some issues left:
> * Slider: Since the -ms-thumb can overflow track, and can't find the way
> to do this, in IE11 instead of scale up when press, it scale down a bit...
> * Alert, the width in IE11 is still huge, and still didn't find a way to
> solve it, if some
> * Dropdownlist is in the example, but I still couldn't work on it, so is
> still a first iteration based on old basic code, so this will change a lot
> as I can get over it.
> * I think Button has still some issue with width that needs to be looked...
> * Actual layouts are working ok, but I hope to change all this soon to
> something more final and very important: Responsive ;)
> Spetial mention to SVGs (used in CheckBox and RadioButton for now), since
> I past many hours dealing with how to load SVG in IE11, and had to try many
> things and almost nothing was working. Finaly after some days, the trick
> was to use SVG with a bit of encoding (no base64, not works) and change
> strategy on how to skin (only pseudo elements did the work). All this to
> get coloring and size working on IE11 since there's some bugs that prevents
> IE11 to read styles on SVG. All this was totally hacky, maybe there's more
> way, but I must say after many days this was the only that solves the issue.
> The good part of this is that now Check and Radio looks better (I think)
> since I adjusted the icons and added some scale animations that work great
> cross browser.
> finaly I'm very happy with the solution, since the encoding is made with a
> SASS function that takes the SVG, calculate the right color (as normal in
> Jewel themes) and then encode the SVG to get the final shape compatible
> with all devices and browsers, and saving few space as well :)
> Now is time to concentrate in layouts, since this is critical now to make
> Jewel UI set more useful, I already made some work on it, but find some
> problems, and need to see how to overcome it. Important points as I already
> said here are: make layouts responsive, so css will take into account media
> screen sizes, and make those layouts work only with class names, so no JS
> computation should be made. Let's see if I can get this working.
> Another point I want to try is exploding components since I'm interested
> in see if I can declare components with it's beads as Alex said. And if
> those not work, see why, and see if Basic is still capable of do this.
> Another task will be to try SWF and see what is missing to make it work at
> least with "bounding boxes" for now.
> Finaly, I plan to update all blog examples post but maybe I'll wait to
> have new layouts more operative...
> Hope you like all this! :)
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> Carlos Rovira
> http://about.me/carlosrovira

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