Hi Sajith,

It looks like you have quite big application. I would start from looking
into the Emulation effort [1]. Get familiar with that. I would suggest you
to start from generating API report and provide it here. Use nightly build
- not that you will have to download some swf counterparts of Royale on
your own. Use ant script which is in royale-asjs folder
- InstallAdobeSDKs.xml.

[1] https://github.com/apache/royale-asjs/wiki/emulation-components


śr., 13 cze 2018 o 06:51 chembali <chemb...@hotmail.com> napisał(a):

> Hi,
> I have an Enterprise web application that uses Flex as the UI/front-end
> with
> java EJB back end. I have around 180 Flex pages in the application. The
> application is component based, with each component having its own set of
> UI
> pages. The gradle script builds the application. The UI in each component
> gets compiled and in turn creating the swf file for the application. mxml
> and action scripts are heavily used. I need to deflex this application. I
> was thinking of migrating to Apache Royale. I don't have the clarity to get
> the migration process started. Can someone help me with steps and
> instructions to get the process started? I need to estimate the ballpark
> migration effort as well. Your help is greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
> Sajith
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